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Testing Procedure

Upgraded to Picus 3 and Software Q74 Expert & Resistograph Micro Drill Resi400 PD for advanced tree investigation 2020. The testing procedure is undertaken by an Arborist with training and experience. The PICUS sonic tomograph is a system that measures the speed of sound travelling across timber. Because the speed of sound waves is constant in solid wood, a measurement can be taken from one point to another on the trunk of a tree. If there is decay between the test points then the speed of the sound waves are measured as slower data. The PICUS software calculates all data recorded in a complete test and creates an image called a tomograph. An Arborist can then make an interpretation of the tomograph, taking into account the tree itself and other surrounding features.

Previous methods of decay detecting were invasive to the tree, i.e. increment bores created extensive damage to trees tested. The PICUS system is virtually totally non-invasive. The PICUS system only uses small nails to penetrate the bark to make contact with the timber.

I have been working with the Picus sonic decay detection system for 10 years. During this period I came to realise that a major issue with analysing the resultant tomographic image is assessing areas of the images accurately. So I have devised an easy method to give results accurately and concisely. I felt it best to convey my system using video capture for your information. Check out this link:Tomograph image analysis

The Picus system presently provides a global calculation. My more detailed analytical method means that specific chosen areas can be selected. These details can easily be included in a report proving a comprehensive study of the tomographic image. It would appear that too often the Picus image is used to justify Arboricultural recommendations some have not been analysed in depth.

As a tree manager I am sure that you regularly have to consider Picus test reports. This system can easily be used on the desktop. I am willing to share my analysis techniques with you, for your use free of charge. Of course should you be in need of any Picus testing services please do not hesitate to contact me. Anytime 24/7 Here

Tree Testing Benefits:

  • Fast service
  • Snap shot image
  • Non-invasive test
  • Instant results on site
  • Clear image colour definition
  • Decay mapping
Screen shot of picus in operation

If you would like to know more about Picus testing please contact us for further information.